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Alpha Health was founded in 2016 by Will Barker and Ross Thompson. Both Will and Ross studied Osteopathy, gaining academic awards for their performance at the British School of Osteopathy, now known as the University College of Osteopathy.

Both Will and Ross have a long history of competitive sport dating back to their childhoods. With that time in competitive sport came a fair few injuries, from muscle strains to broken bones and everything in between. To help recover from these injuries, both Will and Ross utilised the services of an Osteopath to help them recover. As you can imagine their history of injuries means they both understand how pain and immobility can affect a person’s life. This experience is a large part of the motivation behind establishing Alpha Health to help anyone suffering from musculoskeletal pain.


We are committed to helping manage our patients aches, pains and injuries and support them in getting back to doing the things they love without the burden of pain. 

At Alpha Health we focus on three areas to help our patients, reflected in the three triangles that form the logo itself. They stand for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.


The modern world is becoming more and more health conscious, and we believe we can help support our patients in adapting their lifestyles to help promote health. Through the advice we give and the treatments we use, the patients’ health is our number one priority throughout their time with us. This may start with helping manage aches and pains.


With the shift towards a more health conscious society comes the increased focus on fitness and exercise, as this is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Osteopathy and Sports therapy support the fitness of our patients by allowing them to perform at a higher level, prevent injuries and recover faster.

A more active life is a healthier life. We support our patients in their fitness goals. Whether that is achieving ten thousand steps a day, or finishing a marathon. 


One of the most overlooked aspects of a healthy lifestyle is physical and mental wellbeing. Helping our patients to become pain free and able to do the day-to-day things that they enjoy is a huge focus for us. After all, almost everyone that walks through our door is motivated to visit us because of their pain or inability to do the things they want to.

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