Why do I keep getting injured?

December 5, 2016

Most injuries also have some impact on our everyday lives as well. So why does your injury seem to hang around?


There may be something you’re not doing (or doing), that could be hindering your recovery.


Are you giving yourself enough recovery time?


Injuries take time to recover, and you should be prepared to alter your activity levels in order to get back to full fitness! If you can’t seem to shake the same injury, then the chances are you haven’t given yourself enough time to recover, heal and regenerate. As Osteopaths, one of the biggest problems we see is a lack rehabilitative exercises! These exercises will not only help to reduce your recovery times but will also help act as a preventative measure against future injury.


Rehabilitation exercises include stretching, strengthening and mobility exercises that should help address any of the causes and contributors to your injury. Now these exercises obviously vary dependent on the type, location and severity of your injury.


Recovery time isn’t just the time taken to heal to after an injury but also applies to the time between training sessions, competitions, matches etc. Having a packed exercise schedule is more than likely going to lead to injury at some point. Give yourself a chance to recover! Make sure you eat well, stay hydrated and get enough sleep.


Seeking help from a professional is always best if you’re unsure or unclear about your injury. They will help by putting you on the right path to recovery, to reduce time out of training.   


I’ve said rehab but what about prehab?


‘Prehab’ is essentially rehabilitative exercises performed either prior to surgery in an attempt to improve prognosis or continuously within your exercise routine to prevent future injury.


Again, these exercises include stretching, strengthening and mobility exercises. The general rule of thumb you should go for is for every hour you spend training, you should spend 15 minutes of stretching and mobility exercises. I’m guilty of not being anywhere close to that, and I’m sure it’s the same for you…


Do you warm up and cool down?


We all know we should do it. But usually our haste to get training, playing or competing means that we skip the most important parts of exercise! Most of us neglect a comprehensive warm up and even less of us cool down!


Warming up increases heart rate and circulation, as well as improving blood flow to muscles essentially preparing your body for physical activity. This will help reduce the risk of injury.


Cooling down helps to return your body back to normal after exercise in order to prevent muscle cramping and stiffness caused by accumulation of waste products in muscles. It also helps to return your breathing and heart rate back down to a normal.


Is the training right for you?


This is more about whether you’re fit enough and if the exercise you are doing is suitable for your current condition. You should slowly progress and increase your activity levels to prevent injury. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and injuries are only going to slow you down more!


If you’re unsure about whether or not your training is right for you, then ask a personal trainer, gym instructors or health care professional.


And finally, please don’t try and do it on your own…


Please don’t trust ‘Dr. Google’. Searching for conditions that match your symptoms and then following Internet advice isn’t going to be much help! It’s also a great way to scare yourself.


Come in and see one of our Osteopaths who will be able to help examine, diagnose and treat your injury. They will also be able to provide advice on how to manage your current condition and prevent future reoccurrence, allowing you to keep active.


Please note, the information provided in this article is just to give a few ideas. Remember that in no way should this be used as a replacement for seeking professional help.

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