Keep yourself on track this New Year

January 4, 2017

2017 is upon us, and like every New Year brings flocks of people piling into gyms,

 starting new diets and generally looking to improve themselves in one way or another. Some people hate the clichés like ‘New Year, new me’, but personally I quite like it. If getting fit (or fitter), or generally making positive changes such as stopping smoking or improving your diet, is something you’ve been meaning to do then the start of the New Year is a perfect opportunity!


However, we all start off with the best intentions but as things go on injuries strike, interest in your goals wane and then the inevitable crash of the New Year resolution happens before you have the chance to wear all your new gym gear.


However, with a few simple tips you can keep on track in 2017.




1. Write down your priorities and goals (but keep them realistic!)


Writing your goals down can help keep you focused on them. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals to help keep you on track. Just make sure that they are realistic and achievable! Sometimes seeking help from a professional can help. For example, a personal trainer will be able to help you set your goals at a realistic level or a nutritionist can help provide good advice on simple ways to change your diet.


2. Track your progress


You can do this in a load of different ways such as posting on social media, logging it in a journal, fancy fitness & nutrition apps and many more. My personal opinion is to not be too hung up on sweating the details, just find a way that works for you and keeps you honest. Keep it simple, stupid.


3. Do it with a friend(s)


Teaming up with friends or family can help keep you motivated towards your goal, and gives you some healthy competition. This can also include joining up with local clubs as well, where other members may be able to give you some good advice to help you along the way.


4. Don’t make the changes too drastic!


Small steps contributing to a greater goal can help keep you on a successful path. Making huge changes to your lifestyle are harder to accommodate than smaller changes over a longer period, and these small steps are often easier and more realistic. Ease into it. Big changes in exercise can increase your likelihood of injury.


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help


Seeking help at the right times can help keep you on track. For example;

  • See a manual therapist such as an Osteopath for advice on preventing injury, or during the early stages of injury to prevent long delays. The longer you leave the things, the longer it could take to recover

  • Ask a personal trainer about your fitness programme if you feel it’s too easy/hard. They can also help to re-motivate you and keep you on track


You don’t just have to seek professional help. Asking friends or family for support, or to help you along, can make this your most successful New Years resolution yet.


6.And finally… Don’t stress about it


You’re making a positive decision to improve something you want to. Enjoy it. Just remember that progress is a step in the right direction, no matter how big or small.



Hopefully these tips can help keep you on track. But for any help with management of aches, pains and injuries whether they are from a New Years resolution or not then book in to see one of our Osteopaths.

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