Fight aches and pains on holiday

May 31, 2017

So you've been getting some treatment for an injury, ache or pain. The problem is that your making progress, things are getting easier but you're due to go on holiday soon and you're worrying that this might affect your progress.


Hopefully with this little tips you can keep improving...



1) Take a tennis ball or massage ball in your hand luggage


This might seem a little odd, but just think off all that time spent waiting while you're travelling. That might be at the airport, sat in cars, sat on the aeroplane. These long periods of waiting can be filled with simple mobility exercises that can help ease muscular aches and pains.


Examples include using the a massage ball while sat by placing it under glutei, hamstrings or in between your shoulder blades. You can also roll it up and down your forearms, around your pectoral muscles or along your quadriceps as well to help ease any stiffness that may arise from being sat down.


Obviously, don't do this if you're driving the car...




2) Don't spend too long in one place


This follows our advice for fighting back and neck pain while sitting at your desk. However, you'll be replacing your desk with a car seat or a sun lounger. Set yourself regular intervals to get up or get out of the car and walk about. Do some gentle stretches, walk to the bar, stretch, go for a swim. Anything. Just move about a bit.


This is also very important when if you're flying anywhere. Standing up, walking or simply moving your feet about can help promote blood flow through the legs as well as helping ease off any stiffness from sitting down. 


3) Keep doing your exercises


This seems like a simple one but is quite often the case. While you are away the last thing on your mind may well be doing your prehab/rehab exercises. However, if you really want to keep making progress then keeping on with your exercises is vital. Just set a bit of time to do them every day. 


4) Utilise the facilities at your hotel and take the opportunity to maybe 


Obviously this depends on the type of holiday you're going on, and the type of place your staying in. If you have a hotel with a pool or a gym, maybe think about using them to help do some of your exercises or to keep active to prevent your recovery from plateauing. 


This does also depend on the advice given by your Osteopath or therapist. It may not be best trying out different exercises 


5) Ask your therapist for some advice 


It is always best to plan ahead, and your therapist should be able to provide you with a tailored management programme that takes into consideration your holiday. This will include altering exercises to make them easier to do but also more realistic for the environment you're going to be in. 


They should also be able to advise you on how to use a massage ball or tennis ball while in the car, plane or airport lounges.




Hopefully with these few tips you'll keep you on the right path to recovery. If you need some advice regarding an injury, then please give us a call on 020 8304 7237 and one of our Osteopaths will be more than happy to help!


As always, please do not use this as an alternative to seeking professional medical help.


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